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Stay secure with Satvat Secure

SATVAT SECURE works with clients’ team in setting up a long-term strategy to enhance their organization’s security posture to mitigate the impact of future attacks.

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S & D Investigation Private Limited is a leading provider of cyber security services. It provides the services under the brand name of SATVAT SECURE . We work closely with our clients to create robust end-to-end compliance processes in order to keep their ‘cyber safe’.

The aim is to guide our clients through the network of complexities and keep a proper balance of the intersection between functionality, usability and security factors in order to maximise results.

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Basic info about componay

Brand Surveillance services

Safeguarding computer related intellectual property (IP)— trade secrets and copyrights—is a strategic priority for businesses that depend on the development and monetization of information. But in a digital and connected world, IP misappropriation is extensive.


E- commerce site surveillance

SATVAT SECURE  monitors e-commerce sites globally through our software in various languages to identify misuse of IPR of our clients’ brands.


Domain name surveillance

We identify registered domain names violating the clients’ trademark rights including close match and typo squatting and get them removed as soon as possible.


Social Media surveillance

Malicious actors may attempt to appropriate your brand on their sites, redirecting legitimate traffic and consequently, revenue. W take down IPR infringing content.


Mobile apps

Cyber criminals are attracted to this medium due to vulnerability in malicious apps. We remove infringing use of our clients’ brand names and content across countries.

Why Choose Us

We unearth facts and evidence properly and support our clients’ in addressing their digital risk issues. Our endeavour is to educate and prepare our clients to avoid threats from the bad characters.

Vulnerability Assessment

- Real time monitoring
- Threat intelligence
- Security strategy

Digital Forensic Investigation

- Analyse
- World- wide surveillance
- Data retrieval

Penetration Testing

- Manage risk properly
- Increase business continuity
- Minimize client-side attacks

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